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Stress & Depression

Stress & Depression
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The effects of chronic, or long-term stress can be harmful on their own, but they also can contribute to depression. Our world is filled with a lot of stress, because of viruses, war, natural disasters and each of us have our own stressful problems. Sometimes you need to ignore these problems in order to avoid stress and depression. But remember some stress is good for you. It can help you be prepared to face challenges or respond to dangerous situations.

Depression can affect your appetite, your sleep habits, and your ability to concentrate.

When you are stressed and depressed, you feel sad and disinterested in things you usually enjoy.

Doing twenty minutes of exercise 5 days a week is enough to make a difference,  which slows things down and helps you relax. They are good for reducing stress.

Avoid binge-eating or drinking may make you feel better temporarily, but they’re not helpful.

Too much caffeine can wind you up and make stress even more intense. Try to balance coffee, soda, and other caffeinated drinks.

Smoking never can help you handle stress. Nicotine makes you feel relaxed temporarily, that feeling is short-lived and can create more stress through cravings or withdrawal.

You should do things you do well and enjoy.

Avoid making relationships with negative people and those who create tense and stressful situations.

Improve your sleep. Normally it should be 7-9 hours every night. Making sure that your mind and body get enough rest can go a long way toward easing stress.

Another way to overcome stress and depression is connection, relationships with friends, family who can create a positive atmosphere.

Sometimes you can talk about your problems with somebody who can listen for a while. If nobody can help you, you should try to talk with professionals.

The social environment can also be the main reason for the chronic stressors. The economic hardship is the reason, which can be seen among countries that have a huge number of low income families.

People who are in a leading position as managers and certain business owners, sometimes need stress management tips to overcome depression.

The main cause for stress and depression can be the TV, newspaper, internet such as facebook, instagram, twitter, social media, etc…This is called psychological stress.

Psychological stress is divided into two groups: acute psychological stress (surgical operation and examination) and chronic psychological stress (such as anxiety about children, financial problems and periodic headaches).

The next step in overcoming stress is practicing deep breathing. The goal of deep breathing is to focus your awareness on your breath, making it slower and deeper. This helps slow your heart rate, allowing you to feel at peace.

Having a pet is a good idea for stress reduction. When you touch your pet, your body releases oxytocin – a hormone that’s linked to a positive mood. But you should keep in mind that a pet is an animal requiring care of its own.

Don’t use your phone for extensive time and reduce your screen time. While these devices are often necessary, using them too often may increase stress levels.


You can practice self-care: Going for a walk, taking a bath, reading a good book, preparing a healthy meal, stretching before bed, lighting candles, practicing a hobby.

Spending time in nature such as parks, forests and being immersed in nature are healthy ways to manage stress.

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