Ads Design Maker for Social Media Marketing

Creating Designs From Your Idea.


The Problem of Template Editing or how the things are now

Whenever you want to create a design for your idea, you have to go through a number of steps to achieve it. Let’s say you want to create a Facebook Ad poster:

  • You should scroll through 100s of templates that match the Facebook post size
  • Select one of them
  • Add your image (video)
  • Add your Title Text
  • Sometimes you add a paragraph text
  • Change font of texts to match your branding font,
  • Add your logo somewhere and hope it’s placed well,
  • Remove unwanted elements from your design without damaging the whole poster,
  • Proceed through the approval process:
    • submit for client approval if the final say is not yours,
    • start the whole process again if it does not get approved.

Note, that so far, you have created only ONE design and have spent at least 20 minutes. And you don’t have the time to try the same content on another template.

Our Solution

You create your brand kit(s) only once by uploading the brand logo, font(s) and setting the brand colors. To create a new design you should only follow these steps:

  • Add your image (video),
  • Add your Title Text (paragraph text)
  • Scroll through 1,000s of designs that are already presented to you with your content, logo, branding font and colors applied.
  • Easily choose the one that best suits your needs from a great variety of designs and layouts.

Companies with big marketing budgets can also benefit from our product. Most of the time they create different variations for the same message and they need 10-20 designs to start the marketing campaign. Along the way they check what’s working and what’s not, and leave only those ads that are performing well and removing the ones that are not. In our platform they will be able to create many variations at once.

This tool will become the number one, everyday tool for SMM specialists and marketing agencies. It will save companies thousands of hours in organizing and managing their digital marketing activities.


How It Works.

With three easy steps you will discover a great platform for creating Ad designs for SMM needs

Try Ads Maker

Type the message you want to spread. Up to 30 characters.

Add the photo of the product or service you want to advertise. Our unique photo editing tool will be coming soon.

Click on the Generate Designs button to see the results. There are two options currently: Facebook Post and Instagram Story sizes.

About This Product

We are developing a SAAS product for everyone who needs to create Ad Designs and does not have design skills and time for editing templates in Canva or some other places.

We want to provide users with the easiest user experience, i.e. you upload images and type texts, and we produce ready-made designs with your content and branding in.

We know that most of the users are not designers but our vision is to help turn their content into great designs.


What We Offer

Unique Content

Our diverse team and AI engine work tirelessly to create engaging content for Facebook and Instagram story ideas meeting all your business needs for online marketing.

Daily Updated Library

We are adding designs on a daily basis to bring the best ideas and eye-catching designs to you, make the library easily usable and intuitively direct your path through the website.

For SMM Specialists

We know the daily need of people advertising on social media platforms and we want to help them achieve their goals in the easiest and fastest way.