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What are the benefits of the ads maker?

You save a lot of valuable time to focus on your business, You do not depend on designers, You get plenty of choices for free!



Get over 1000 data-added designs in seconds

File Manager

The platform saves your files, which will allow you to use it several times without wasting time

Background Remover

After placing a picture of your product, you have the option to remove the background with one click

A large variety

The range of new banners is updated and added to the platform on a daily basis


Create your branding kit by adding your logo, font and color gamma to produce ready-made banners persistent with your branding


We add new features every week to make your job easier



Proper communication with patients is the key to their loyalty

  • Present “before” and “after” images of dental surgery through nicely designed informative posts 
  • Promote your new services through Facebook ads to effectively reach your patients
  • Use essemem to experiment with different designs and design styles to show your unique image 
  • Differentiate between the types of services by using different colors for your Facebook ads 



Targeted ads in quick and easy steps

Dentists in private practice, operating small clinics, usually hire SMM specialists to take care of their online presence and promotion of services. Reviewing and approving the designs of Facebook ads often takes valuable time, which would otherwise be used to treat patients. 

Essemem solves this problem by extremely simplifying the process by offering ready-made design proposals, which are brought to you in three easy steps. From the large variety of designs you choose the best ones suiting your business needs and better promoting your dental services in social media․


Add your Message

Add your message or the name of the dental clinic, which will appear in the design.


Add your Product Photo

Add a photo related to the dental service you offer to be displayed in the design.

Add your Logo

Add the logo of your dental clinic that will allow the patients to recognize your brand.


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