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About us

The idea to create Essemem came to ease the efforts of growing businesses in their social media marketing tasks. We offer professionally compiled templates for business owners to market their products and services better and get the maximum out of their online presence. Essemem provides an online tool allowing to create social media posts in three easy steps, saving customers enormous amounts of time and not requiring designer skills. We take the text, images and branding elements and turn those into great quality designs ready to appear on your social media pages!


Message from the founders

We have been in website development and promotion business for over a decade. The businesses we created websites for varied from individual designers, artists, healthcare and wellness specialists to online shopping platforms, construction and news companies. With the growth of social media networks we started supporting our customers with social media marketing also by helping them create contents, plan the marketing strategies, develop the required pace and consistency depending on the types of businesses.

We understand how time-consuming social media marketing may become for smaller companies and for those SMM specialists who they refer to. Since in both cases they need to intensively exchange information and keep the posting regularly, generate new ideas of what to post, and create great quality engaging visual content.

The power of social media is well known and you know how it can boost your business, you know how important it is to keep your followers engaged, and we know that on social media visual content gets the most engagement than any other type of content. However, we all know how much time all of this will require.

Relying on our experience with SMM in various fields we have decided to create a resource, which will provide you with a continual stream of beautiful engaging ready-made social media contents compiled to help grow your followers and increase engagement.

Looking forward to getting you on the board!