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Grow your online business with Essemem

What are the benefits of using Essemem?

Users of essemem save enormous amount of valuable time to promote their businesses online. Essemem does not require advanced designer skills to create eye-catching ads for social media. In three simple steps essemem converts your message, an image and a logo into a professional looking design, making it available for download either in post or story size. It's easy, fast and fascinating.

What pain does it kill?

Essemem takes away the pain of template editing, which can be very time consuming and sometimes even seem endless. It gives a nice and professional touch to an image or photo of your product or service before it appears online.

Moreover, you don't have to be a designer to use Essemem. You shouldn't even hire a designer or an SMM specialist to effectively keep up with the online presence of your business. You use Essemem on the go since its takes minimum time and minimum effort.

What type of companies/agencies should use this tool?

Small and micro businesses with a minimum number of staff running the business are increasingly going online to present their goods and services to a wider audience or reach their target market on social media. Online tools have become very handy and attract most of the people due to the ease of use. So, for the business to succeed, you follow the pattern and go after your customers.

Social media has set its standards for communication and research shows that photos and images with some design attract more customers than posting those as is. Businesses in the health and beauty industry, bakeries, shops, car repairs and other businesses alike either may not afford a designer or lack design skills or both at the same time.

This is exactly where a tool like Essemem is required, which anyone can use. Essemem can also be useful for agencies running social media pages for several small and micro businesses. It will help keep up the freshness of design ideas, consistency of style and branding elements.

For whom Essemem is essential and irreplaceable tool?

Jane owns a small beauty salon, which offers hair styling and nail care services. She often takes photos of customers' hair and hands, after the masterpieces are ready, and posts those on Facebook or Instagram. She is using both posts and stories, however, is always having a hard time with properly cropping the photos, adding texts and attaching the logo of her salon.

Several times she tried to use templates available online, spending a lot of time on editing, picking the right colors and backgrounds, matching a font and making sure everything looks nice together. Jane figured out she is lacking design and tech skills to make this process a routine. Hiring a designer or outsourcing the task does not seem an option either.

As soon as Jane learned about essemem she couldn't help playing with it, creating fantastic designs by a few clicks. With Essemem, she doesn't have to worry about design, composition, fonts, backgrounds, image cropping and sizing and so on. All of this hustle is gone and all she needs to do is upload the photo of her next masterpiece, drop a line addressing her audience and attach a logo to promote her salon. What happens next is amazing, Essemem instantly generates thousands of ready-to-post designs and every time Jane shares a unique post, which attracts and keeps her customers engaged.

Comparison with other platforms?

Major providers of ready templates in the online market have long been Canva, Picsart and Crello, with 150m, 70m, 30m users respectively. Canva has over 700 thousand templates but the problem is users always pick from the “most popular” ones, thus taking the risk of looking alike.

Anyways, templates offered for editing require certain designer skills, technical knowledge and, at times, may take hours to compile a poster. You start editing a nice template, add your files to it and often end up with a look, which requires further editing to produce something marketable.

Essemem has revolutionized this process by generating ads designs by using the customer's image, text and logo, not the opposite. The time saving and ease of use is incomparable to currently existing platforms. Moreover, Essemem will keep up with the uniqueness of its designs by implementing an AI engine, which will generate an infinite number of unique designs, never having a risk of repetition.


How to use essemem ads maker?

Go to and click on “Try Ads Maker”
Steps Line Steps Line

Add Image

Upload a photo/image of your product or service, which you are willing to use in the design.
Add Image
Add Text

Add Text

Enter the text of your message to go as the post title or message to your audience or both.
Generate Design

Click on “Generate Designs”

And choose from a wide range of eye-catching ads designs ready-to-post on social media either as a post or story.