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Healthy Relationships Tips

Healthy Relationships Tips
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We all want to have healthy relationships, but every relationship is unique, as we all have different sets of needs and wishes, and come together for many different reasons. Part of what defines a healthy relationship is sharing a common objective for exactly what you want the relationship to be and where you want it to go. And that’s something you’ll only know by having deep, honest and meaningful conversations with your partner.  Whatever goals you’re trying to achieve or obstacles you’re facing together, knowing basic principles of healthy relationships can help you keep your relationship meaningful, fulfilling and exciting.

Communicate openly and honestly with your partner.

It’s really easy to be critical of your partner. Instead, tell them about all the qualities you admire about them.

Do you listen to your partner when you’re talking? Both of you will benefit if you improve the quality of your listening.

Learn to argue well. It may seem strange, but finding a non-damaging way to resolve conflicts will help to strengthen your relationship.

Respect each other’s space and privacy, you and your partner need some time alone, try to balance having your own work, friends, and interests.

Get to know and love yourself – it’s the most effective way to be fully engaged in a relationship.

Be aware and recognize how the myth of ‘the one’ can harm relationships.

Resurrect what you were doing or come up with fresh ideas for things you both enjoy if you’ve fallen out of the habit of having fun together.

Learn how to apologize and to forgive.

Try to avoid comparing your relationship to others – every relationship is different, and none of them are perfect.

Define who does what based on your strengths and preferences and not traditional gender norms.

Don’t feel pressured to be in a relationship or follow a specific relationship model. Everyone is different,  figure out what works for you instead.

View every setback as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Create celebrations for your milestones whatever those are — coming out, starting hormones, moving in together.

We may feel more connected when we have things in common, but we learn the most when we have differences, so take them as opportunities to expand and grow.

Support your partner in all of their endeavors, this will make you grow closer, and learn more about each other.

Respect each other’s minds and  opinions, everyone is unique and has different perspectives on life. Try to understand where they’re coming from.

Don’t expect your partner to know exactly what you’re thinking or what you wish for. They are not a mind-reader, you should state your wishes openly.

Don’t be reluctant to seek help for your relationship, preferably before things get out of hand. If you’re thinking about or are in the middle of a breakup, consider going to couples therapy.

Don’t think of your relationship as a failure when it doesn’t work out. There are probably still plenty of good memories to cherish and it’s an opportunity to learn and grow.

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